JINPAT LPP Pneumatic-Hydraulic Rotary Joints

February 5, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT LPP Pneumatic-Hydraulic Rotary Joints

Pneumatic-hydraulic rotary joints transmit liquid or gas medium from the rotary part to the stationary part. Such kind of rotary joints are broadly applied in automated production lines and some heavy industries like energy, materials and chemicals, etc.

JINPAT Pneumatic Hydraulic Rotary Joints

To transmit liquid and gas between stationary part and rotary part during 360-degree rotation is a very challenging task. JINPAT LPP pneumatic-hydraulic rotary joint stands out. JINPAT adopt special material for the slip ring sealing surface and sealing rings, therefore making this slip ring series excel in corrosion resistance without leakage. Taking up modular design, the LPP rotary joints can also be integrated with electrical slip rings. Modular design offers client with more flexibilities and also enhance the mechanical performance of the rotary joint. JINPAT LPP rotary joints with hybrid solution enable simultaneous transmission of gas, liquid, power and signals. Aiming at different industries, JINPAT has a wide range of standard pneumatic-hydraulic rotary joints with different features and sizes. The number of pipe channels and their diameters are optional.

latest company news about JINPAT LPP Pneumatic-Hydraulic Rotary Joints  0

JINPAT Hybrid Pneumatic Hydraulic Rotary Joint

JINPAT LPP rotary joints ensure a safe and reliable transmission of gas and/or liquid medium while maintaining a smooth and constant 360-degree rotation. JINPAT slip rings are well-made. The LPP series is easy to install and maintain. With high protection grade, it is an ideal slip ring product in demanding environments.


There are also many hybrid solutions in related to the JINPAT LPP series. Feel free to contact JINPAT to work out the best solution for your applications!