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Good quality Capsule Slip Ring for sales
Good quality Capsule Slip Ring for sales
JINPAT Slip ring appearance is good, packing carefully, service enthusiasm, need to come again

—— William

Fast delivery, good performance and good quality, looking forward to the next cooperation.

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Company Building Production line Workshop machanical processing mehcanial workshop Warehouse Large-current Slip Ring
Company Building
Production line
machanical processing
mehcanial workshop
Large-current Slip Ring

Company Building

Production line


machanical processing

mehcanial workshop


Large-current Slip Ring

  • Production Line


    JINPAT has rich technologically advanced equipment with high precision test instruments. It covers a wide area of 7000 square meters located in Shenzhen China. We have more than 300 skilled employees. Our manpower is so competent that we meet the demands having various specifications with durable and reliable quality.

    The company has a world - class high - tech research team and has built up a precision automatic production line. We JINPAT provides diversification products; the current product line includes :


    Line 1. Capsule slip ring (LPC/LPM/LPMS series)+Separate slip ring 
    Line 2. Through bore slip ring +Pan cake slip ring 
    Line 3. Large current slip ring(LPA series)
    Line 5. Fiber optic rotary joint (LPFO series)+High frequency slip ring 
    Line 6. Coaxial rotary joints


    Moreover, we build customized designs for the application, and quicker than anyone else in the market and at competitive prices.Our superior technology is our ace in the hole.Through many year's developments, JINPAT  has own research and with powerful technology.


    Technical Breakthrough On Separate Pancake Slip Ring


    JINPAT have developed a new pancake slip ring which is named separate pancake slip ring When the integral pancake slip ring cannot satisfy the market. The special pancake slip ring has a smaller thickness, volume, and weight.

     Through hole diameter 0mm-980mm

     Minimum thickness up to 6mm

     Advanced contact structure technology, low contact resistance, low rotating torque. long lifetime.

    Transfer current, signals, Gigabit Ethernet, USB signal, Canbus and FireWire signals

     Lifetime up to 10000000rpm through the test.

    Customized configurations for your application



    The Appearance Of JINPAT Super Miniature Capsule Slip Ring


    In order to satisfy the demand of the market, and promote the development of high-end industry, JINPAT has recently developed a new precision slip ring LPMS-04D with a smaller size than the same industry and level. Body diameter is only 5.5mm, the length is 9.6mm.


    It is reduced by about 30% than the original diameter, is the first in the domestic. It breaks the traditional slip ring’s structure that the brush matched with the ring, and be suitable for use in harsh environments. We can ensure the mechanical and electrical properties of the product and can solve greater technical problems that the conventional slip ring quality consistency bias, fluctuations in the value of dynamic resistance between the products do not exceed 3m.


    It can satisfy the high-quality transmission of aerospace, military equipment, precision medical equipment, robotic and other facilities’ weak signals. In addition, 5.5mm diameter size can meet 10-circuit or less (including 10-circuit) slip ring’s production, simply based on the length of the number of circuits to make appropriate changes. If necessary, please contact us for details.



    The Technology Of USB Slip Ring


    The USB slip ring is specially designed for USB signal. can be used in any electromechanical system that requiresUsed 360°continuous rotation and transmits the signal of USB1.0, USB2.0, and USB3.0. These series sub slip rings With steady transmission, Using standard USB connection mode, no packet loss, no string of code, return loss is small, low insertion loss, etc.The contact parts between brush and copper ring using rare metal and hard gold plating treatment process to ensure wear resistance, oxidation resistance, and long service life.


    Jinpat in the national leading level on this technology field.



    Can be mixed conduction and transmission USB1.0, USB2.0, USB3.0 signal

    Standard USB female socket connector;

    can be work with a power channel or gas-liquid rotary joint;

    The normal slip ring can transmit USB1.0 signal.

    LPC series products with USB connector can transfer USB2.0 signal.

    LPT series products inner hole within 80mm can transfer USB2.0 signal.

    USB3.0 can be designed base on LPC series products, communication rate up to 1 Gbps.

    Can integrate various signal types transmission at the same time.




    SDI High-Definition Slip Ring


    SDI is not only the dedicated slip ring for signal transmission, but it can transmit electrical and high-definition signals, transmitting up to 21 channels, frequency range from DC up to 40, it can transmit High-speed analog and digital signals. SDI slip ring is actually referring to HD slip ring, HD video dedicated slip ring with a stable high-definition signal transmission, signal attenuating loss and ultra-low volatility transmission, over-long lifetime, no need maintenance, no need lubrication and so on.

    JINPAT independent research and production of SDI slip ring models: LPCC-01, LPCC-02, LPC-1C1202, LPC-1C2402 etc.


    LPC-1C1202 is a high-tech product which combines vias slip ring with the high-frequency slip ring, based on LPC-12T, it adds RF coaxial connector.RF coaxial connector not only played the role of a bridge but with signal processing function, such as filtering, modulation phase, mixing, attenuation, detector, slicer and other functions.Low VSWR, low loss meet the needs of weapons systems and precision measuring instruments.

    SDI Features


    High-speed digital signal, power and high-frequency simultaneous transmission
    50Ω/75Ω are optional, 3GHz, 1080P signal
    Gold-Gold contact ensures over-long lifetime
    Metal housing, wire size, cable length, and connector adapter are optional
    Leading domestic military technology, low contact resistance, compact, low torque, reliable operation


    Self - Developed  Combination Of Gas-liquid Electrical Slip Ring


    JINPAT developed a combination of gas-liquid electrical slip ring is to take an integrated design that integrates all advantages of ventilation rotary joint and slip ring:


    housing and rotor made of stainless steel
    with mechanical seal balance
    internal use of imported seals
    conductive parts using a precious metal contact
    Conductive parts and ventilation parts of concentricity with a rotor, both ends by two high-precision 6.bearings drive, so that conductive parts, ventilation parts, and hollow shaft are concentric. And reduced the internal friction, the rotary joint can make unlimited rotation balanced and stable. Thus the service life can be extended


    Important parameters
    The maximum pressure: 35MPa
    The maximum temperature220℃
    The maximum speed: 200r/min
    Media: water, liquid, chemicals, current signals
    Protection: IP66


    Compact package convenient to assembly, stand-channel design
    Sealed with Germany Trelleborg Sealing products
    With reliable sealing performance
    Simultaneously solve ventilation, hydraulic, electrical function


    JINPAT does not stop with standard models, over the years, we have learned that many projects require product that has unique specification either designed from scratch or modified from another design. One of JINPAT's strong points is providing exactly the right customer solutions.


    For typical applications, we have specialized R&D team to design and develop slip rings as per your special requirements, such as high working speed, high protection grade, high frequency, waterpoof slip ring, explosion-proof,  hybrid unit of optical and electrical, high speed data transmission, hydraulic or pneumatic system and so on, design is quickly, delivery time is prompt.



    Please provide us below information,then we will design for you as per your special requirements(Item is very important).



    2.Current & voltage per circuit, and signal details(if signal is transferred)

    3.Dimension (If have limitation)

    4.Working speed

    5.Working temperature

    6.Operating environment



    Customized products cases


    1.Slip ring in the application of the construction machinery industry


    Mechanical engineering is an important part of Chinese equipment industry. All conditions of construction engineering, road construction and maintenance, flow type lifting handling operation and all kinds of construction engineering the comprehensive mechanization construction project required machinery and equipment. Jinpat through bore slip rings are developed for mechanical engineering, The LPT series are very welcome.


    Key Parameters for LPT000-0440-130 as below:

    Circuits: 5 circuits (Channel)

    Current Rating: 4 circuits @ 40A, 1 circuit @ 30A

    Contact materials: precious metal

    Life time:≥50,000,000rpm

    Product features: Convenient installation, smooth operation, a 360 - degree continuous rotation transmission power or data signals.


    2.Applied Environment of High Temperature Slip Ring


    Generally speaking, working temperature of common slip ring ranges from -30℃~+80℃, while JINPAT high temperature resistant slip ring can work under 500℃. JINPAT imports advanced material from abroad to ensure quality of slip ring. Considering insulating property, flexibility of brush, life time and even structure elements will change due to working under high temperature, hence researching and developing engineers adopt high temperature resistant material base on structure, heat conduction, and radio to improve heat resistance of slip ring and optimize heat dispersion of high temperature resistant slip ring, and ensure operate normally in the prospective working environment.


    JINPAT high temperature resistant slip ring is designed specially for high temperature working environment. High temperature slip ring can transmit precision signal, weak current, high current and high voltage, and at the same time improve mechanical capacity, simplify system design and avoid damage when wires are rotating.


    Recommended Product: LPC-56A-36


    Working Temperature:-55℃~+500℃

    Max. Speed: 2500RPM

    Max. Protection Grade: IP68

    Transmitting Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus and FireWire such signals

    Typical Application: Food Machinery, Packing Machine, Automatic Operating Platform



  • R&D

    we JINPAT specialize in slip ring field for 20 years, with abundant experience and becomes the leader in domestic conductive slip ring industry.Through many year's development , JINPAT has its own research team with strong technology research and development capabilities, our company has the contemporary world's advanced equipment ,  modernized plant , excellent management team , advanced research technology , perfect examine devices and strict quality control system.


    As a very active manufactures, we develop new designs nearly every month,Please tell us your special needs, we will provide a perfect process from drawing to research and development as your requirements.



    New Technique Products


    Laminated-brush Stator Separate Slip Ring

    JINPAT product line one recently have developed 3 new style laminated-brush products LPS-07B / LPS-08B/ LPS-12B.It’s the first design in the stator product.


    Advantage :

    1.  Laminated structure ,different ring circuit Can be stacked into different models, show its flexible and diversity.
    2.  Cross - plied structures for the brush wire with good spring ,can move around.
    3.  No need to adjust for the brush wire after installing, save time and power. Brush wire cling to the rotor when it running , keeping stable performance.
    4.  The brush wire be fixed to the insulting layer fixed pillar directly, easier quick to assembly.
    5.  Rotor, in-line installation, easy installation and fit for the space limited.

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