Solution for Long-Life Slip Ring with High Rotating Speed

April 28, 2018
Latest company news about Solution for Long-Life Slip Ring with High Rotating Speed

Undoubtedly, long service life constitutes a vital part of a high-quality slip ring. And it also plays an indispensable role in rotating system of various fields. JINPAT R&D Team specializes in developing the unit with long service life.

Introducing advanced German technique of slip ring manufacturing, JINPAT researchers put forward a precise design of mechanical structure of the part. Adopting superb contact material and internationally advanced surface processing technique, such an electrical slip ring is validated by computation system of bush pressure. In short, it enjoys a splendid performance as a transmission part.

After the life test, it proves that the part has a lifetime up to 170 million turns. Moreover, it is also a 2000rpm high-speed slip ring, which operates in a temperature of 80℃.

Such an excellent slip ring is perfect for equipment that requires for high rotating speed, long mating cycle or harsh working condition.


Main Features

Inner Diameter:φ12.7mm

Outer Diameter:φ34.9mm

Thickness: 23.6mm

Custom Solution