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Rotary Slip Ring

JINPAT is a slip ring manufacturer that has been involved in the field of slip rings for nearly 30 years. It has obtained 69 patents and has long-term cooperation with world-renowned companies and agents around the world.

2000rpm capsule Fibre Optic Rotary Joint IP68
Configuration: : Capsule
Characteristic: : Cost-effective
Feature: : Integrate
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24 Circuits 2A Single Mode Rotary Slip Ring 300rpm Fiber Optic Rotary Joint
Optical Fiber Type: : Single Mode
Working Wavelength: : 1310-155nm
Light Power: : 23dBm
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One Channel 18GHz Rotary Slip Ring With SMA Female Connector Multiple Slip Ring Models
Frequency Range: : DC To 18 GHz
Peak Power, Max: : 1500 W @ 1 GHz
Phase WOW (degrees Max): : 1°
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9X2A 220VAC Through Bore Electrical Slip Ring Multiple Slip Ring Models
Total: : 9 CKT
Detail: : 9X2A
Rating Voltage: : 220VAC
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18 Circuit 5A 25mm Through Hole Slip Ring High Rotating Speed Gold-to-Gold Contact
Circuits: : 18
Current Rating: : 5A
Humidity: : ≤60%RH
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Miniature Through Bore Rotary Slip Ring 18 CKT 2A IP54 Optical Rotary Joint
Circuits: : 18Circuits 2A
Total: : 18CKT
Rating Voltage: : 240V AC/DC
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IP54 Coaxial Miniature Through Bore Slip Ring Rotating Speed Optional 240VAC
Features: : Very Low Contact Resistance
Optional: : Rotating Speed
Contact Material: : Gold -Gold
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High Efficiency Rotary Slip Ring 24 Circuits 2A Per Wire Professional solution
Circuits: : 24 Circuits
Speed: : 300 Rpm Continuous
Voltage: : 240 VAC/DC
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Measurment 2A Current Rotary Slip Ring 100rpm IP54 Gold to Gold
Number Of Circuits: : 125
Operating Speed: : 0-100 Rpm
Voltage: : 240 VAC/DC
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100rpm 2 Circuits Pancake Rotary Slip Ring With Separate Stator And Rotor
Circuits: : 2
Operating Speed: : 100rpm
Voltage Rating: : 380VAC/DC Or Higher
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High Current Rotary Slip Ring Adopting Carbon Brush Technology One-stop slip ring solution
Housing: : Corrosion Resistant Steel
Connections: : Brass Studs
Frequency: : DC Or AC
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Explosion Proof Rotary Slip Ring Dust Workshop Signal Mixed Transmission
Number Of Circuits: : 7CKT
Rotating Speed: : 0~20rpm
Temperature: : T3
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