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Through Hole Slip Ring

LPT series are through-bore slip rings (the center hole can pass through the drive shaft, gas-liquid passage; it can also integrate high frequency, fiber, encoder, waveguide, gas and liquid and other joints). The use of advanced fiber brush ensures reliable contact under extremely low friction. The center hole is available from 0 to 1000mm. The current is from mA to 5000 amps. The voltage can be up to 10000 volts, which can fully meet different needs of transmission.

300rpm 38.1mm Through Hole Slip Ring 24 Circuits 15A Aluminum Alloy
ID: : 38.1mm
Circuits: : 24*15A
Operating Speed: : 0-300rpm
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96mm Bore Automatic Device Rotary Joint Slip Ring
Type: : Through Bore
Internal Diameter: : 96mm
Number Of Circuits: : 24
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Hybrid Slip Ring Transferring HF, USB and Ethernet Signal with Solid Shaft
Type: : USB
Configuration: : Hollow-shaft
Characteristics: : Compact
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USB HDMI Slip Ring Integrated Big Through Bore
Circuits: : 1-24 Circuits
Operating Speed: : 0-100rpm
Working Humidity: : 60%RH
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Different Colored Housing Slip Rings A 38.1mm Through Bore
Circuits: : 6 Circuits
ElectriCurrent Ratingcal Noise: : 1mΩ Min
Current Rating: : 5A Per Circuit
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16 Wires Through Bore Slip Ring with 380VAC
Number Of Circuits: : 16 Circuit
Current Rating: : 2~30A
Inner Size: : 96mm
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120 Circuits Slip Ring Routing Current &100M Ethernet
Number Of Circuits: : 120
Voltage: : 600/400/150VDC
Feature: : Compact Design
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Multi-Signal Slip Ring with 4mm Bore
ID: : 4mm
Circuits Of Ethernet: : 2
Circuits Of Signal: : 3
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18 Circuits Through Bore Slip Ring with 5A Per Wire & 12mm ID Bore
Number Of Circuits: : 18
Current Rating: : 5A Per Wire
ID: : 12mm
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4mm 52 Circuits Through Hole Slip Ring Transmitting 2A Current
ID: : 4mm
OD: : 73mm
Number Of Circuits: : 50
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12 Circuits Slip Ring Transferring Current Signal and Gas
Feature: : Solid Bore
Number Of Circuits: : 11
Current Rating: : 9A Per Wire
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2A Per Wire Slip Ring of 24 Circuits with 100rpm
Feature: : Solid Bore
Number Of Circuits: : 24
Current Rating: : 2A Per Wire
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