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Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

Fiber Optic Rotary Joint adopts fiber optic as media, providing the best technical solution for the transmission of data. It is especially suitable for equipments that require unlimited, continuous or intermittent rotation, transmitting large capacity of data and signals from the stationary position to the rotary position. It can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation, and avoid damage to fiber optic due to the rotation of moving joints. The fiber optic rotary joint can be used together with a traditional electric slip ring, so as to make a photoelectric hybrid slip ring for the transmission of power and high speed data.

1 Channel Optical Rotary Joint Electrical Connector IP54 23dBm 2000rpm
Working Speed: : 0-240rpm
Fiber Types: : SM/MM
Current Rating: : 1A/ Circuit
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7 Channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joint with High Return Loss and Optional Connector
Type: : Fiber Optic Rotary Joint
Feature: : Small Volume
Housing Materials: : Aluminum Alloy
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Gold Gold Contact Slip Ring RF Rotary Joint With Low Loss Contact
Model: : High Frequency Rotary Joint
Voltage: : 240V
Contact Material: : Gold To Gold
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SM MM Connector Fiber Optic Rotary Joint 2000rpm IP65 IP68 23dBm
Fiber Types: : SM Or MM
Channel Number: : 1
Wavelength Range: : SM:1270-1650nm MM:650-1300nm
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3 Channel number IP65 200rpm 2.0mm ,Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Manufacturers
Circuits: : 3 Circuits Fiber
Size: : 67*123mm
IP: : IP65/IP68
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Small Flange Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Ultra Mini Single Channel Installation Diameter 6.8mm
Maximum Speed: : 2000rpm
Insertion Loss: : <2dB
Max Optical Power: : 23dBm
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Mini 5 Channel Photoelectric Hybrid Slip Ring IP65 IP67 300rpm
Channel Number: : 5
IP Rating: : IP65 Or IP67
Maximum Speed: : 300rpm
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Single Channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joint 1550nm
Channel: : Single Channel
Wavelength: : 1550nm
Connector Type: : FC
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Compact Hybrid Slip Ring Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Video Surveillance Transmitting
Voltage Rating: : 240VAC/DC
Total Circuits: : 1 Circuit Fiber
Fiber Types: : SM/MM
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300rpm Fiber Optic Rotary Joint 3 Channel IP65 IP67 23dBm
Maximum Speed: : 300rpm
Package Style: : Pigtails On Both Ends
Channel Number: : 3
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2-Channel Slip Ring Coaxial Rotary Joint Operating Smoothly and Reliability
Specific Impedance: : 50Ω/75Ω
Operating Speed: : 0-100 Rpm
Working Temperature: : -40℃~ +80℃
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Small Slip Ring With RF Coaxial Connector with Excellent Anti-inteference Capacity
Type: : RF Coaxial Connector
Frequency Range: : DC-3GHz
Specific Impedance: : 50Ω/75Ω
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