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Integrated Slip Ring

Integrated slip rings, also known as integrated rotary joints or integrated electrical slip rings, are specialized devices that combine the slip ring assembly with other components, creating a compact and integrated solution.

Through Bore Slip Ring Signal HDMI USB2.0
Number Of Circuits: : 13
Current: : 4A,2A
Rotating Speed: : 300 Rpm
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Hollow Shaft HDMI Slip Ring with No Packet Loss and Low Return Loss Smooth Running
Name: : HDMI Slip Ring
Working Temperature: : -20℃~ +60℃
Voltage Rating: : 380VAC/DC Or Higher
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Multi-Signals Hybrid Transmission Hollow Slip Ring Compact Design
Number Of Circuits: : 10
Current Rating: : 2 Circuits@4A, 2 Circuits@2A
Signal Transmission: : 3
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HDMI IP40 60rpm Signal Slip Ring Solution Good Adaptability
Rotating Speed: : 0~60rpm
Contact Material: : Gold To Gold
Housing Material: : Aluminum Alloy
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Precision Digital HDMI Slip Ring With Steady Transmission Integrated Various Signal
Simulative Transmission Lines: : 13
Version: : 1.4
Working Temperature: : -20℃~ +60℃
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High Frequency Rotary Electrical Joint IP54 4 Circuits 10A Electric Slip Ring
Total: : 11 CKT
Rating Voltage: : 380VAC
Interface Type: : SMA-K
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LPW-05-SPX(JP06-182-03)JINPAT Wind power slip ring, High Electrical and Mechanical Performance
Tatal: : 24 CKT
Working Speed: : 0~25rpm
Housing Material: : Aluminium Alloy
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JINPAT Integrated Slip Ring Electrical + USB+HDMI+Ethernet
Light Power: : 23dBm
Medium Type: : Air
Tatal: : 36 CKT
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High Frequency 80 Rpm Slip Ring Solutions 380VAC IP54 Rotor 300mm
Circuits: : 4*10A+6*2A
IP: : IP54
Working Speed: : 0~80rpm
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