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High Current Slip Rings

High-current slip rings are specialized rotary electrical connectors designed to transmit large amounts of electrical power across a rotating interface. High-current slip rings are characterized by features that enable the efficient and reliable transfer of high-current signals while allowing continuous rotation.

IP65 Vertical Slip Ring Solutions 220VAC Customized Signal Slip Ring
Installation: : Vertical Installation
Total: : 54CKT
Working Speed: : 0~2RPM
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Graphite Carbon High Current Slip Rings Carbon Brushes Holder Multi Channel Free Design
Number Of Circuits: : 53CKT
Rotating Speed: : 0~15rpm
Temperature: : -10°C~+80°C
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Electrical Slip Ring Transmitting 200A Large Current in 3 Circuits and 1 Circuit
Number Of Circuits: : 3
Current Rating: : 40A Per Circuit
Working Humidity: : 60%RH Or Higher
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IP54 38 Circuits Slip Ring Carbon Brushes 112mm Hole Diameter,Free slip ring design
Circuits: : 38 Circuits
Working Voltage: : 310VAC/ 50VDC
Inner Diameter: : 112mm
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15 Circuits Large Current Slip Ring Routing 100A Current in 230 VAC Volatge
Circuits: : 15 Circuits
Working Voltage: : 230VAC
Inner Diameter: : 390mm
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65 Circuits High Current Slip Ring Routing Current HF Optical And Other Signals
Number Of Circuits: : 65
Volatge Rating: : 115 / 270VAC
Working Humidity: : 60%RH Or Higher
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