JINPAT slip ring and polishing machine

June 18, 2024
Latest company case about JINPAT slip ring and polishing machine

Polishing machine is a kind of power tool, mainly used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing, polishing machine is used in industrial production and metal smelting manufacturing. The application of the slip ring in the polishing machine is also crucial, which solves a number of key problems encountered in the operation of the polishing machine to ensure that the polishing machine can run efficiently and safely. So let's take a look at the detailed analysis of the application of JINPAT slip rings in polishing machines:

1, to solve the problem of rotating winding: the polishing machine needs to frequently rotate 360° in the processing process, and the ordinary line and joint connection will wind during operation, which not only affects the operating efficiency of the polishing machine, but also may cause security risks. The application of JINPAT conductive slip ring solves this problem perfectly, it meets the power supply and control conditions of 360-degree rotation in the operation of the polishing machine through the combination of gas, liquid, electricity and control signals.

2, anti-dust, anti-vibration, anti-impact: the polishing machine will produce dust and vibration when polishing and grinding the workpiece, which puts forward strict requirements for the performance of the slip ring. JINPAT conductive slip ring not only meets the power signal rotation transmission, but also needs to have the ability of anti-dust, anti-vibration and anti-impact. This ensures that the polishing machine can still run stably in harsh environments.

3, high protection level and customized supply: The polishing machine usually uses IP65 protection grade through the hole conductive slip ring, JINPAT this slip ring has vibration resistance, impact resistance, high IP protection level and other characteristics. In addition, in order to meet the needs of different polishing machines, customized supplies can also be provided, such as mixed gas-hydraulic rotary transmission, high speed, high protection levels and other special specifications of products.

4, technical advantages: JINPAT hollow shaft series slip ring in the polishing machine application shows its technical advantages. This series of slip rings has a standard through-hole design, supports a wide selection of routes and currents, and has a central through-hole designed for hydraulic or pneumatic drive shaft installation. At the same time, it uses advanced fiber brush technology to ensure low friction, low contact resistance and friction-free debris, thereby improving rotation accuracy, stability and service life.

In summary, the application of JINPAT slip ring in the polishing machine not only solves the problem of rotating winding, but also improves the operating efficiency and safety of the polishing machine. Its anti-dust, anti-vibration, anti-impact capabilities, as well as the characteristics of high protection levels and customized supply, make the slip ring an indispensable part of the polishing machine