JINPAT slip ring application in medical devices

February 29, 2024
Latest company case about JINPAT slip ring application in medical devices

With the continuous improvement of medical technology, medical devices are becoming more and more professional and fine. JINPAT, as a professional slip ring manufacturer, also has LPC series slip rings that can be used in medical devices. LPC series slip rings are widely used in medical devices. In medical imaging equipment such as CT scanners and MRI scanners, the LPC series slip-rings play a key role.

First, in CT scanners, the LPC series slip rings are mainly used to transmit high-voltage power supplies and signals. CT scanners need to use X-ray imaging technology to scan the body, and the LPC series of slip rings ensure the stable transmission of power and signals during the rapid rotation of the CT scanner.

In addition, in MRI scanners, the LPC series slip rings are mainly used to transmit low-voltage power and signals. MRI scanners need to image the human body in high definition, so a large amount of data transmission and control signal transmission is required, and multi-channel slip rings can meet this demand.

In addition, slip rings are also used in surgical instruments, such as electric scalpels, electric operating tables and other equipment. These devices need to transmit power and signals to meet the needs of medical operations, and slip rings enable rotary connections to ensure the quality of signal and data transmission.

In medical equipment, the requirements of slip rings are very strict, and they need to have the characteristics of low torque, low wear, low electrical noise and ultra-long life to ensure the safe and stable operation of medical equipment. JINPAT slip ring also has the above many advantages, and with the improvement of JINPAT conductive slip ring technology level, JINPAT slip ring is more and more widely used in medical equipment.

The slip ring produced by JINPAT plays an important role in medical equipment, providing a reliable guarantee for the normal operation of medical equipment.