JINPAT slip ring with electric wheelchair

May 8, 2024
Latest company case about JINPAT slip ring with electric wheelchair

The application of slip rings in electric wheelchairs is an important embodiment of the combination of modern technology and medical care. Electric wheelchair, as an auxiliary travel tool designed for people with mobility difficulties, its intelligence and convenience benefit to a large extent from the use of slip ring technology.

In the design and manufacturing process of electric wheelchairs, an important problem that needs to be solved is how to ensure the smooth transmission of power, signal and other lines when the wheelchair is rotated 360°, and avoid the winding and breaking of the line. At this time, slip ring technology plays a key role. JINPAT is applied to the LPT series slip ring on the electric wheelchair, which can transmit electrical signals and power between the relatively rotating parts, thus realizing the continuous power supply and signal transmission of the electric wheelchair during the rotation process.

In electric wheelchairs, the LPT series slip rings are usually installed between the rotating part of the wheelchair and the fixed part, such as between the seat and the chassis. Through the slip ring, the electric wheelchair can easily achieve forward, backward, steering and other actions without worrying about the problem of winding or breaking the line. This not only improves the ease of use of electric wheelchairs, but also enhances their safety and reliability.

In addition, JINPAT's slip ring technology also makes the intelligence of the electric wheelchair further improved. Through the signal transmitted by the slip ring, the electric wheelchair can be connected with the user's smart devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.) to achieve remote control, data monitoring and other functions. For example, users can check the power, speed, distance and other information of the electric wheelchair through the mobile phone App, and can also set the destination for automatic navigation.

In short, the application of JINPAT slip ring in electric wheelchairs not only improves the convenience and safety of electric wheelchairs, but also promotes the development of electric wheelchairs in a more intelligent and humanized direction.