Marine Ship crane slip ring

January 13, 2023
Latest company case about Marine Ship crane slip ring

Ship slip ring refers to the conductive slip ring used in ships, ship equipment and other related equipment. It is actually a conductive slip ring for ship power propulsion system, also called marine slip ring and marine slip ring.

Since the offshore working environment is harsher than that on land, in order to ensure the safety of offshore operations, it is necessary to require offshore equipment to have high protection levels such as anti-salt spray, anti-acid, and anti-corrosion. General maritime equipment includes marine surveillance ship air defense radar, coastal defense shore-based detection platform, shell launcher, underwater robot, marine propulsion system, marine crane, etc. As an important part of maritime equipment, conductive slip rings not only require the transmission of signals and power at the same time, but due to the high humidity at sea, the humidity range and temperature range of slip rings are very important parameters. The requirements for moisture resistance are also more stringent.

Ship slip rings not only require stable performance, long life, and convenient maintenance, but also fully meet the special requirements of different application fields such as high protection level, high and low temperature resistance (-55 ° C + 120 ° C), anti-salt spray, anti-vibration, impact resistance, High voltage resistance, low electrical noise (less than 5 milliohms), isolation greater than 60dB, extremely low signal transmission loss, etc. The slip ring specially developed by JINPAT for offshore marine cranes: LPA000-03400-01PE-10S - 35T Marine Crane, has the following features and advantages:


1、400A large current

2、Super long service life, regular maintenance

3、Protection grade IP44


1、Simultaneous transmission of high power and signals

2、Adopts imported graphite brush, stable performance

3、Strong corrosion-resistance, shock-resistance and vibration-resistance, fits in harsh maritime environment


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