A Compact-designed Capsule Slip Ring with Many Circuits

May 11, 2018
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How to develop a multi-circuit capsule slip ring with a so small size?


Special needs of specific customers invariably ignite the desire of JINPAT and push it to seek new breakthroughs.

As to the recent design, JINPAT also ends the work with a superb capsule slip ring. Apart from 4 circuits for transferring HD-SDI and 1 circuit for 100M Ethernet transmission, the electrical slip ring also has 44 circuits transferring signals. The part, as it were, entertains too many circuits when it is required to be designed in a fairly small dimension. Not only has it proposed a limited length, but also made it difficult to arrange wires in a reasonable way to meet the technical requirements.

Through thinking out an optimal structure with perfect wire diagram, the thickness of insulation plate embedded in the internal body is reduced to some degree. Meanwhile, its copper ring is perfected in its thickness to meet the challenge. To prevent wire core from being damaged, the protection work is done every time welding is finished for each ring.



4*HD-SDI, 1*100M Ethernet, 2*RS422, 40*signals


Electrical Noise:≤15mΩ

Rotating Speed: 0~250rpm

Working Temperature:-40℃~+60℃