Amazing Slip Ring Exists in Excavator

April 17, 2019
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Like cranes and fire trucks, excavators are also a part of construction machinery. The difference is that the excavator is flexible in operation and requires high rotation precision and protection level. In order to meet the dustproof and waterproof requirements of the excavator, JINPAT chose IP65 as the initial protection grade for this series of slip rings. In addition, JINPAT's original patent for internal anti-vibration structure of slip ring will not be absent in this series. After adopting many advanced internal and external designs, JINPAT excavator slip ring is a product with strong anti-vibration and dustproof ability and good environmental adaptability.


JINPAT excavator slip ring uses a cylindrical semi-closed housing, and its outer housing is made of special hard aluminum alloy to ensure the overall strength of the slip ring. In order to make the slip ring work normally in the working temperature range from -30 °C to +80 °C, in addition to special wire, connector and hole sealing material, imported stainless steel bearings with low temperature resistance are also selected.


The typical excavator slip ring LPTS000-0330-1105-SY16 continues the excellent quality of JINPAT construction machinery slip ring. It has IP65 protection grade and has an anti-vibration strength of ≥4.5G. The slip ring has the ability to transmit 3 circuits*30A, 8 circuits*signals, 2 circuits*CAN bus, and 1 circuit*angle signals. The wires are made of FLRY wires that commonly used in the construction machinery industry. And it adopts a precious metal contact, whose contact resistance fluctuation value is ≤70mΩ. To ensure safety, the withstand voltage between the two circuits is ≥1000V, and the insulation resistance is 500MΩ@500VDC. Besides, the slip ring is designed to operate at a speed of 0 to 100 rpm and with a service life of ≥ 8 million rpm.