Application of JINPAT slip ring in dryer

May 31, 2024
Latest company news about Application of JINPAT slip ring in dryer

The application of slip ring in the dryer is mainly reflected in the field of food automatic drying, especially in the rotary drying equipment, and its function and role are particularly important. Next, we will look at the application of JINPAT slip ring in the dryer from two aspects of functional characteristics and technical characteristics:

First, functional characteristics

Uniform heating: JINPAT slip ring can be used as an electrical rotating connection component to ensure that the food can be evenly heated when the dryer is heated at 360 degrees, avoiding the burning phenomenon that may occur under the traditional drying equipment.

Real-time monitoring: JINPAT slip ring can transmit the temperature signal, sensing signal, control signal and other data of the heating device back to the terminal, which is convenient to monitor the temperature in the furnace in real time, thus ensuring the stability of the drying process and the quality of food.

Power transmission: JINPAT slip ring not only provides power for the rotation of the rotary furnace, but also changes or presets the rotation speed of the rotary furnace according to the temperature, time or food drying conditions, improving the drying efficiency.

Second, technical characteristics

High temperature resistance: In the dryer, the slip ring needs to withstand high temperature environment, so high temperature resistant JINPAT conductive slip ring is usually used, such as the high temperature resistant conductive slip ring developed by JINPAT, which can run stably at 100~250℃ high temperature conditions.

Stability: The technology of the slip ring is mature, has a long service life and stable transmission performance, and can ensure the long-term stable operation of the dryer.

Flexibility: JINPAT slip ring specification size, speed, loop number, protection grade and other parameters can be customized according to customer needs to meet the needs of different dryers.

From the above application, it can be known that the application of JINPAT slip ring in the dryer not only improves the drying efficiency, ensures the quality of food, but also reduces the maintenance cost, and is an indispensable part in the field of food automatic drying.