Application of JINPAT slip ring in treadmill

November 2, 2023
Latest company news about Application of JINPAT slip ring in treadmill

Treadmill is currently a popular product in the home fitness equipment, fitness enthusiasts will basically use. In the treadmill, the slip ring has played an important role and is used for a variety of different functions, especially in commercial or high-end treadmills, JINPAT's products also have slip ring products for treadmills, the following is the specific application of slip rings in treadmills:


1. Power transmission & Data transmission: Like slip rings used in most mechanical products, slip rings are used to transmit power in treadmills. The various electronic devices on the treadmill, such as the display screen, fans, control panels, etc., require electricity. The slip ring allows power to be transferred between the moving parts of the treadmill, such as the running band and handle, and the fixed parts, the main frame, without being affected by rotation. On the other hand, in advanced treadmills, there may be data transmission needs, such as treadmill performance, heart rate monitoring, speed, etc. The slip ring can transmit these data to ensure that the user's indicators can be smoothly transmitted to the display screen or other monitoring devices.


2. Maintain continuity: For treadmills running for a long time, the slip ring ensures the continuity of power and data transmission, without breaking due to the rotation of the equipment.


3. Maintenance function: In a commercial gym or high-end treadmill, the slip ring can keep various electronic devices and functions running without being affected by the continuous rotation of the running belt.


4. Reduce maintenance costs: Slip rings help reduce the risk of breakage or damage to cables caused by constant running of the treadmill, thereby reducing maintenance and repair costs.


In summary, the application of the LPC-0104 series slip ring developed by JINPAT for treadmills helps to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment, not only providing smooth power and data transmission, but also reducing the risk of cable entanglement and damage.