Application of JINPAT slip ring in VR equipment

September 18, 2023
Latest company news about Application of JINPAT slip ring in VR equipment

In the current technology trend, VR equipment has always been a popular cutting-edge technology. The slip ring has a key application in virtual reality (VR) equipment, and the slip ring in VR is mainly used to solve the power, signal and data transmission problems in devices such as head-mounted VR helmets and joysticks. Here are some of the main applications of slip rings in VR devices:

1. Helmet rotation transmission

VR headsets typically allow users to freely rotate their heads in the virtual world to change perspective. Slip rings allow power and signal transmission at the helmet's connection points, allowing sensors and displays inside the helmet to continuously power and transmit real-time data without entangling cables or restricting the user's movement.

2. Handle control

VR controller is a key component for users to interact and control in the virtual world. The slip ring allows devices such as buttons, sensors, and triggers on the handle to remain connected to the host or computer for precise handle control and feedback.

3. Data transmission and power supply

VR devices require a large amount of data transmission, including high-resolution images, audio, tracking data, and more. Slip rings ensure that this data can be transferred from the computer or mainframe to the headset and joystick to present a realistic virtual environment, and VR devices usually need battery power, but charging is also essential. The slip ring allows power to be transferred to keep the device charged while the user can continue to use the device without worrying about the battery running out.

4. VR experience

Slip ring technology helps enhance the stability and reliability of the VR experience. Users can move, rotate and interact freely without worrying about cable interference, which is essential to delivering a realistic and immersive VR experience. From the summary above, it can be seen that slip rings play an important role in VR devices, they allow the electronic components within the headset and gamepad to remain connected to the computer or host, while providing users with a more free and smooth VR experience. These applications help improve the usability and user satisfaction of VR technology. JINPAT specially developed for VR equipment LPC-0104 series slip ring, in the skills to meet the cutting-edge VR technology of precision, good compatibility and other needs, but also to achieve stability, durable characteristics.