Application of JINPAT slip ring on consumer drone

November 23, 2023
Latest company news about Application of JINPAT slip ring on consumer drone

As a popular high-tech product, drone appears in every field of people's life. China, as one of the best countries in the world in drone technology, has a private enterprise with DJI products that are popular around the world. In the development of China's drone technology, the parts of the drone have reached 90% of the domestic production rate, among which, the slip ring, as a key component, is also provided by domestic manufacturers like JINPAT. drone slip ring is a precision rotary connector used inside the drone, which can realize the efficient transmission of electrical signals and data, as well as the transmission of power during the flight of the drone.

Features of drone slip rings include:

1, high transmission rate: drone slip ring can achieve high-speed data transmission, to meet the drone in the flight of images, sensor data and other large demand.


2, high temperature and low temperature resistance: the drone slip ring has the characteristics of high temperature and low temperature resistance, and can work stably in different temperature environments.


3, strong anti-interference ability: the drone slip ring has the characteristics of anti-electromagnetic interference, which can ensure the stability and reliability of the transmitted signal.


4, compact structure, small size: drone slip ring compact structure, small size, easy to install in the drone interior.


5, high reliability: drone slip ring has high reliability, can ensure a long service life and stable transmission performance.

To sum up, in the application of drone, slip ring is one of the essential components. It can realize the connection between various devices inside the drone to ensure the normal operation of the drone. JINPAT's LPMS series slip ring is specially developed for the precision production of consumer drones, which can not only improve the performance and shooting effect of drones, but also provide convenience for various applications of drones.