China’s Research Vessels Hit the Water and How Do Slip Rings Play A Part in The Sail

December 2, 2020
Latest company news about China’s Research Vessels Hit the Water and How Do Slip Rings Play A Part in The Sail

Research vessel is a kind of vessel that constructed with high technology. And research vessels are usually needed by countries with technology strengths. 2020 has witnessed the launching of Chinese research vessels. Experiment-6 and Sun Yat-sen University, the two Chinese research vessels hit the water successively. These research vessels are rich in advanced technology. They are integrated with various engineering equipment and experimental instruments. Besides, these vessels adopt low noise full electric propulsion system. That is to say, from the mast to the subsystems down at the bottom deck, research vessels adopt various kinds of slip rings.

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Let’s start from the top, the mast. The radar installed on the mast is an essential navigation tool. On some other ships, both the prow and the quarter are equipped with several similar radars. The mostly used radar is the radar for navigation and collision avoidance. Since this kind of radar is relatively simple in its functions and with a limited detecting distance, the matched slip ring components are also simple. There is even no need to integrate high frequency rotary joint.
Satellite communication antenna is also an often-seen communication device in the research vessels. Compared to slip rings in collision avoidance radar, antenna slip ring is generally integrated with high frequency rotary joint. JINPAT Electronics can carry out independent R&D of collision avoidance radar slip ring, antenna slip ring as well as the high frequency rotary joint that can be integrated into the former two.
Aside from radar and satellite antenna, inertial navigation system (INS) is also an indispensable navigation device in various types of ships. And in some of the INSs, slip rings are applied. There are variations in the sizes of slip rings applied in different sizes of the inertial navigation systems. The diameter of the smallest slip ring for INS developed by JINPAT is around 15mm, and its length is within 50mm. As for bigger size models, some are over 100mm in length and in diameter.

In the research vessels, there are a few scientific instruments and apparatus. Among these high-end devices most adopt slip rings and rotary joints. According to JINPAT’s experience with vessel manufacturers, most of these vessels would adopt the standard type slip rings.

Aside from electronic devices, a research vessel is also installed with many construction facilities like cable reels and cranes where slip rings play a key role. As a professional slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics is experienced in producing slip rings for these two applications. Among JINPAT’s model stocks, there are tens of slip ring models that are developed especially for cable reels and cranes.

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Apart from the mentioned equipment, slip rings are also installed in the gearless steerable propulsion system of the research vessels. Limited by the current technology at home, the research vessels of China’s scientific research institutions have to adopt imported gearless steerable propulsion systems or other components. But in recent years, Chinese ship manufacturers have been making effort in this field and have been doing independent R&D on the gearless steerable systems and the relative components. In this process, JINPAT Electronics has shoulder the mission of developing specific slip rings for such systems.
By now, JINPAT has developed specific slip ring model for the 3MW gearless steerable propulsion system. This new slip ring model has run through multiple tests and has been put into service. This means JINPAT Electronics is qualified as a slip ring manufacturer that has the ability to design and produce slip ring for podded propeller systems.