How to solve the problems in high speed rotation

November 17, 2016
Latest company news about How to solve the problems in high speed rotation


A slip ring brings problems at high speed rotation and corresponding solution.


latest company news about How to solve the problems in high speed rotation  0

First, setslipring is also called commutator, collector, swivel or an electrical rotary joint. The function of the circuit is to improve the performance of the system, simplify the system structure, and avoid the twisted wires due to the rotation of the active joints. In the processing of using slip ring, pay special attention to the problems caused by the high speed of rotation.


Second, if the rotating speed of a slip ring is too high, it will appear two problems: one is the destruction of mechanical structure, and one is the heating problem of transmission contact point.


Third, in general the speed of the collection ring at work can reach 1000rpm, so the bigger mechanical strength is, wear-resistance steel material is the first choice for the production of electric slip ring. The steel can be processed into complex structures and it is a kind of easy and cheap materials. Therefore, it is widely used in the synchronous motor, including the lower the speed of the turbine generator. For a turbine generator, it focuses on the electric slip ring of mechanical strength and wear-resistance, and sometimes using forged steel.


Fourth, when it has high requirement on corrosion resistance, you can also use the stainless steel material, but the sliding properties of stainless steel is not stable. It slip ring is inappropriate with combination brush, it often makes brush beat, easily leading to excessive temperature rise or abnormal wear. In this case we must pay more attention when using it.