INPAT Robot Slip Ring in Cellphone Assembly

December 13, 2019
Latest company news about INPAT Robot Slip Ring in Cellphone Assembly

Extensive application of Jinpat slip ring on mobile phone assembly robot

Robot is a mechanical device that performs tasks automatically. It can either accept human command, run pre-arranged programs, or act in accordance with principles formulated by artificial intelligence technology. Its task is to assist or replace human work, such as production, construction, or hazardous work.


An internationally renowned brand mobile phone assembly line. Each robot is equipped with a slip ring, which greatly accelerates the efficiency and accuracy of mobile phone assembly.


When the robot needs 360-degree rotation operation, conductive slip rings can be used to transmit current and signals through conductive slip rings. JINPAT has developed a variety of slip rings for industrial robots, robotic arms, and underwater robots.


Robot slip ring product features:


  • The number of special slip ring paths for the robot arm can be customized to transmit various control and sensor signals;
  • Special slip rings for robot arms generally have high life and maintenance-free features;
  • JINPAT can also design and produce various special slip rings according to your requirements


Product recommendation: hollow shaft LPT series, hat-type LPC series, optical fiber LPFO series;

Typical applications: industrial robots, robotic arms, underwater robots, etc.