JINPAT Conductive Slip Ring In UAV Application

January 5, 2017
Latest company news about JINPAT Conductive Slip Ring In UAV Application

In 1917, since the first UAV flight began, the development of UAV has been active in the military, civil fields. But in nearly a century later, the UAVs’ technology has been quite mature and brings great civilian industry great development based on UAV aerial.


When the UAV aerial camera is operating, the 360-degree-rotation camera needs a slip ring to solve rotary problems. JINPAT SLIP RING is applied widely in the field of aerial photography. JINPAT slip ring has a variety of product types: capsule slip ring, through bore slip ring, high frequency slip ring ect. You can choose small slip ring, miniature slip ring and even more precise super miniature slip ring according to specific application. Sometimes when you meet the problems of system size constraints, cost limitation or method of installation, JINPAT can provide the slip ring (rotor) and brush block (stator) as separate component to be mated by the customers in your system.



Shenzhen JINPAT has been focusing on the conductive slip ring for 18 years with high skill and continuous innovation. It has been standing in the slip ring industry for many years and is professional to solve all kinds of rotary problems for customers. JINPAT SLIP RING, because of profession, can be trusted!