JINPAT New-designed Anti-magnetic interference Slip Ring

April 12, 2018
Latest company news about JINPAT New-designed Anti-magnetic interference Slip Ring

Electrical slip ring serves as transmission channel between parts. A reasonable electromagnetic compatibility design, therefore, is needed so as to have a strong anti-magnetic capability.


To accomplish this, JINPAT design of the electrical connector centers on the employment of shield to cut off electromagnetic energy propagation. Three measures are taken to limit the internal radiation range and prevent intruding from outside radiation. Firstly, use special material to make a shielding of the magnetic field. Secondly, achieve shielding by design. It mainly takes advantage of various specific materials to cut off the route of electromagnetic noise transmission. Lastly, make the best of earth wire. Giving full play to the earth wire design can eliminate interruption by guaranteeing a stable potential.


With EMC design above, an ideal slip ring can make it possible to transmit signals reliably without magnetic interference.