JINPAT Optical Fiber Slip Ring Product Introduction

May 31, 2023
Latest company news about JINPAT Optical Fiber Slip Ring Product Introduction

Optical fiber slip ring is a special type among all types of slip rings, because it neither transmits electrical energy or electrical signals, nor gas and liquid, but only transmits infrared light signals in a certain wavelength range. However, as a high-speed data transmission slip ring, fiber optic slip rings can be installed separately on electromechanical equipment that needs to rotate 360° to transmit infrared light signals, and are often integrated into electrical slip rings or air-hydraulic slip rings to form a multifunctional optoelectronic integrated product.


The classification of optical fiber slip rings is very simple. First, they are divided into single-mode and multi-mode according to their working wavelength. The biggest difference between single-mode optical fiber slip rings and multi-mode optical fiber slip rings is the difference in the diameter of the fiber core. The core diameter of the single-mode fiber optic slip ring is 9 or 10um, and the core diameter of the multimode fiber optic slip ring is 50um or 125um. Another classification method is the difference between single-channel and multi-channel. From the perspective of manufacturing technology, whether it is multi-mode or single-mode, the manufacturing difficulty of single-channel optical fiber slip ring is the lowest. Due to the difference in wire core thickness, the manufacturing difficulty of single-mode optical fiber slip ring products of multi-channel optical fiber slip rings is much greater than that of multi-mode.


JINPAT Electronics has made great efforts in the field of optical fiber slip ring manufacturing and multi-functional integrated products such as optoelectronics and hydraulics. At present, it has fully possessed the production capacity of single-mode and multi-mode optical fiber slip rings with less than 10 channels. JINPAT optical fiber slip rings have many models and are available in a variety of shapes. The whole series of products can use armored optical fibers, and some models can also meet the requirements of the GJB quality management system for anti-vibration, high and low temperature resistance.


JINPAT's conductive slip ring module with integrated slip ring can choose hollow shaft, hat type or high current slip ring as the platform, and supports more than 30 kinds of special electrical signal customization. Through the combination of photoelectric slip ring platform and single-channel, multi-channel, single-mode, and multi-mode optical fiber slip rings, JINPAT optical fiber slip rings can meet the needs of most optoelectronic devices on the market for integrated high-speed transmission of power and optical signals. Since the optical fiber slip ring adopts the non-contact transmission method, its service life can reach more than 100 million revolutions, coupled with the unique anti-electromagnetic interference of optical signals, the optical fiber slip ring can be used in many fields, and the typical ones are special large optical power equipment such as processing devices, precision instruments and meters, automated machinery, deep submersible optical communication systems, and heavy-duty winches.