JINPAT Rotary Unions for Bottling and Filling

July 22, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Rotary Unions for Bottling and Filling

In today’s industrialized world, rotary unions play an indispensable role in helping media to transfer from the stationary supply side to the rotary processing end. JINPAT Electronics is a slip ring and rotary union manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. Since establishments, JINPAT has provided numerous efficient rotary transmission solutions for customers at home and abroad.

In the bottling and filling industry, to fulfill the requirements of aseptic production as well as to enhance production efficiency, automated filling machines are used. And in this kind of filling machines, the fluid like beers, beverage or other industrial liquid need to transmit from the supply end to the filling outlets. JINPAT Electronics develops high standard rotary unions for such purpose.

JINPAT rotary unions take up special material to ensure a good oxidation resistance. And to ensure no leakage and reliable transmission of the media like fluid and gas, JINPAT makes great efforts in its sealing technology. Our rotary unions take up mirror-processing technique to get a low friction and smooth rotation of the connecting joints. And the channel numbers as well as the channel diameter are optional.

In practical case, JINPAT rotary unions are integrated with electrical slip rings so as to allow production machines to follow instructions from the control center.

JINPAT rotary unions are very potential mechanical products. Clients can consult our technical team to work out a custom solution best fit for them.