Jinpat Slip Ring Application on Environmental Protection Equipment

December 14, 2016
Latest company news about Jinpat Slip Ring Application on Environmental Protection Equipment

With the development of the Times, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and more and more enterprises which are relevant to environmental protection were set up. Kinds of environmental protective products are countless as well. Environmental protection devices mean mechanical products, buildings and system that used to control environmental pollution and improve environment quality which are produced by industrial enterprises or construction and installation companies. Some people think environmental protection devices are mechanical processing products that used to treat environment pollution, such as dust remover, monomer water treatment devices and noise control equipment. However, such ideas are not all-inclusive. Environmental protection equipment includes motor devices which is used to transport polluted liquid such as water pump, wind turbine generator and conveyor as well as measurement instrument, pressure gate and flow monitoring device that ensure pollution preventive devices to run as usual.


As the earliest manufacturer of slip ring, JINPAT keeps up the pace and devotes itself to research and develop conductive slip ring that is suitable for environmental protection equipment. LPT025-1215 slip ring researched and developed by JINPAT is successfully applied in sewage water treatment equipment and gained good praise from customers.


Shenzhen JINPAT Electronics entered conductive field since 1996. It’s a new high tech enterprise that concentrates on research, design, production, sales of slip ring. Its products adopt special military material, pure gold to gold contact ensure reliable quality and long life time. Excepting through bore slip ring, capsule slip ring, high current slip ring are optional for customers. What’s more, JINPAT provides customizing products service to meet different requirements fully.