JINPAT Slip Ring for Picking Robots

November 21, 2018
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring for Picking Robots

       Picking robots are designed for executing a series of actions such as picking, packaging and others. Mainly focusing on its soft mechanical arms, the robots can achieve its functions freely. By adjusting its own shape of fingers, palms and thumbs to the shape of objects, it can grab the object on the premise of no damage. In this process, electrical slip ring is required to achieve 360° rotating transmission from stationary to rotating parts of the whole robot system.

      To provide a solution for the picking robots, JINPAT has developed a slip ring that transmits USB signal in 1 circuit and other sensor signals in 6 circuits. Also, with a compact figure, it is also convenient to be mounted on the equipment. The picking robot slip ring manufactured by JINPAT has a reliable performance so that it has succeeded in accomplishing its grabbing function in the process of storage in hours. For such a small part, it has a long service life that requires no maintenance. On the whole, it performs very well in the application and has gotten a good feedback.



● Transmit USB and sensor signals

● High precision, reliable performance

● Small and light figure

● Long service life

● No maintenance