JINPAT Slip Ring Used in Revolving Stages

December 26, 2019
Latest company news about JINPAT  Slip Ring Used in Revolving Stages

The revolving stages and platforms, require vary widely from small to large, differing in required turntable weights, strength and revolve size. They carry fashion models, automobiles, massive industrial equipment displays, entertainers with monitor mix and side-stage personnel, customized and creative designed spinning artwork and just about everything in-between that can be imagined.


JINPAT slip ring offer you electrically-powered revolving stage slip ring, which are ideally suitable for use in revolving stage.They easily help you to solve the problem of wire and cable wrapping, reliably and stably transmit current.


JINPAT Electronic(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a high-technology company which focuses on R&D and production of various kinds of industrial electrical slip ring, created by senior engineers with many years of conductive slip ring application and development experience.We can learn the demands of customers better and provide the best solution in the shortest time to help customers shorten development time.


At present, JINPAT slip ring products are applied in the fields of security, Electric Instrumentation, industrial automation, military, environmental protection, Medical, Aerospace, Marine,smart toys,playground equipment and so on.