JINPAT Slip Rings for Diagnostic Test Equipment

January 12, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Rings for Diagnostic Test Equipment

The year of 2020 witnessed the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The Diagnostic Test Equipment or viral test device plays an important part in diagnosing COVID-19 and helping medical staff to make further treatments of the patients. A diagnostic test device demands instant and reliable rotary transmission of power and signals. Slip rings, therefore, are the key components to complete such transmission task. Since diagnostic test device are highly precise medical equipment, only slip rings with high stability and refined structure can answer their demands. As a professional and experienced slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics comes up with two high-precision slip ring models that best fit in these medical devices.

Taking the installation space of the diagnostic test devices in to account, JINPAT develops two compact size slip ring models LPM-18C(Φ12.8mm*23.5mm) and LPC-18A(Φ22mm*32.9mm). Thanks to their gold-to-gold contacts and exquisite design structure, these two slip rings can satisfy the demands of the diagnostic test devices. JINPAT slip rings for diagnostic test devices are accurate and stable in data transmission with low maintenance and long life span. The special groove design on the slip rings guarantees smooth rotation and low electrical noise. Dynamic resistance is less than 35 mΩ. The slip ring brush adopt military-class gold plating, extending the product life over 5,000,000 revolutions. The two slip ring models are compact size, so they are easy to install.

JINPAT Slip Rings comply to the standards of RoHS, ISO14001 and other similar international standards. JINPAT LPM-18C and LPC-18A, slip rings for diagnostic test devices have been put into use. JINPAT receives many satisfactory feedbacks from the clients in the medical industry. Aside from JINPAT standard slip rings, you can also consult us for custom solutions!

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