JINPAT Slip Rings for Inertial Navigation System

January 8, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Rings for Inertial Navigation System

Among the modern navigation systems, mechanical inertial navigation system is a relatively traditional navigation system which consists of gyroscope and accelerometer. This navigation system can analyze the velocity, yaw angle and location of the object independently. Inertial navigation system is a device with several rotary parts and therefore, INS demands slip ring to transmit the analyzed data to the control terminal. As a pioneer in developing slip rings, JINPAT has come up with tens of slip ring exclusively for INS.

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Inertial Navigation System

Inertial navigation system slip rings can be installed in planes, vessels (including submarines), armored vehicles. There are slice differences in slip ring volumes depending on different platforms. For instance, large airplane like Boeing 747 is installed with 3 mechanical inertial navigation systems. From the disclosed information, the volume of the INS is not very big, major components of which are within the size of a palm. So, relatively, slip rings for such INS are also compact. From JINPAT previous cases, a super miniature capsule slip ring with multiple channels is enough to serve such system.


JINPAT super miniature capsule slip rings feature light weight and compact size. This series can not only be applied to airborne platforms but also the vehicle platforms that have even higher standards. LPMS-1202-50S is a representative JINPAT super miniature slip ring for inertial navigation systems. This model is injected with world-class technology with a diameter of merely 15mm and the length less than 66mm. LPMS-1202-50S super miniature capsule slip ring features multi-channel, with compact and precise structure. Generally speaking, this super miniature INS slip ring can be installed on the ballistic missile.


JINPAT Super Miniature Capsule Slip Rings LPMS

Aside from airborne platforms and vehicle platforms, mechanical inertial navigation systems are also widely applied in the military and civil-used vessels. Compared to the former platforms, there is larger space on the latter and thus, the inertial navigation system also takes up larger space. So as to say, the slip rings used for these system enjoy more flexibilities in terms of volume. JINPAT through hole slip ring LPT035-0205-0603-0602-60S is a slip ring model developed especially for inertial navigation system on the vessels. The inner diameter of this through hole slip ring is 35mm, outer diameter, around 100mm, length within 150mm. This is comparatively large than the LPMS-1202-50S slip ring model.