JINPAT Slip Rings for ROVs

February 15, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Rings for ROVs

ROVS (Remoted Operated Vehicles) are important devices in marine surveys, ocean explorations and offshore platforms. These underwater machines are typically operated by a person on a surface vessel. The ROVs are connected to the ship by a group of cables, or tether, sending electrical signals back and forth between the operator and the vehicle. Slip rings are installed in this kinds of machines to solve the problem of tangled cables.

JINPAT Electronics, with years of experience in slip ring industry, has developed different models of slip ring with special purpose. For ROVs, JINPAT also developed high standard water-proof slip ring that can well serve them.


JINPAT LPC-18A-0605-IP68 is a capsule slip ring with small figure and high protection class. The small-size design makes it convenient to fit in small and medium size ROVs. The rotating speed of this capsule slip ring ranges from 0~60rpm. This ROV slip ring endure water humidity≤60%. Another option for larger ROVs is a custom JINPAT slip ring with high working voltage up to 2,500V. This hybrid slip ring integrates optical signal transmission. This slip ring is a highly technological complex model, and is fit for ROVs in deep sea exploration.

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