JINPAT slip rings with CNC machine tools

April 11, 2024
Latest company news about JINPAT slip rings with CNC machine tools

The application of slip ring in CNC lathes is an important innovation in modern manufacturing technology, which greatly improves the machining accuracy and efficiency of machine tools. CNC lathes are mainly used for complex cutting of shaft parts or disk parts, such as internal and external cylindrical surfaces, internal and external conical surfaces of any cone Angle and various rotary internal and external surfaces. These complex machining tasks require a high degree of stability and precision, and the slip ring is the key component to achieve this goal. JINPAT also has LPT series slip rings used in CNC machine tools:

As a rotary electrical interface, the slip ring is mainly used to transmit signals and currents. In CNC lathes, LPT slip rings are mounted on the rotating parts of the machine and rotate with the rotation of the spindle. It maintains a stable electrical connection during rotation, ensuring uninterrupted transmission of power and signals between the rotating and fixed parts.

The application of LPT slip ring enables CNC lathes to achieve high precision and high efficiency machining. Due to the high-precision design and excellent electrical properties of the slip ring, it can ensure that the machine can maintain a stable cutting force when rotating at high speed, thereby improving the processing accuracy. At the same time, the continuous electrical transmission function of the LPT slip ring also reduces the downtime of the machine tool during the processing process and improves the processing efficiency.

In addition, the LPT slip ring also has the advantages of wide speed range, low vibration and noise, which makes the CNC lathe more stable and reliable in the processing process. Through the close combination with the numerical control system, the slip ring can realize the functions of quasi-stop, quasi-speed and quasi-position, and further improve the processing quality and efficiency of the machine tool.

In summary, the application of JINPAT's LPT slip rings in CNC lathes has brought significant progress to modern manufacturing technology. It not only improves the machining accuracy and efficiency of the machine tool, but also makes the machine tool show higher stability and reliability in complex machining tasks. With the continuous development of technology, the application prospect of slip ring in CNC lathes will be more broad