JINPAT Wind Power Slip Ring Latest R & D Technology

May 7, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Wind Power Slip Ring Latest R & D Technology

Slip rings are responsible for the power of the entire system in the wind power generation system. The control signals and data transmission functions are very critical components in the entire wind turbine system.

LPW series slip ring is suitable for wind power generation equipment with a power generation of 0.75-5.0MW, has a high degree of protection, and is aimed at the domestic gearbox oil leakage Affecting the slip ring working problem, a sealing device is added at the rotor joint, which not only prevents oil from entering, but also does not greatly affect the rotor rotating torque. And in order to prevent the abnormal weather changes in recent years, in order to prevent the harsh long high (low) temperature, the installation of heat Device and low temperature automatic heating device to ensure product reliability.

The key main materials of wind power slip rings are imported materials, and there are advanced production equipment and detection systems for various performances of wind power slip rings. JINPAT wind power slip rings have good low temperature resistance, high humidity, wind sand resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, Anti-vibration performance,
Stable performance without maintenance, service life can reach 20 years or hundreds of millions of revolutions.