Application of Slip Ring on Cable Reel

May 8, 2020
Latest company news about Application of Slip Ring on Cable Reel

JINPAT’s Through Hole slip ring LPT012-0610 (2@10Amp)/LPT025-0280 (2@80Amp) can be directly integrated into the cable reel system, which can reliably wind/release cables and equipment. Our LPT series rotary union can be provide hydraulic, pneumatic, and other service for hose, cable, and umbilical reel applications. At the same time we offer standard and custom solutions with a wide range of options for single and multiple flow passages, pressures, flow volume, and fluid + electrical integration.


Anti-vibration, High Power, High Protection Level
High Flow Volume
Design base on Strict Specifications
Dual Seal Passage Design
Venting To Protect Against Crosstalk
Electrical Slip Ring / Fiber Optic Integration
Specialized Designs for Direct Integration into Customer Equipment