JINPAT High speed rail slip ring

May 12, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT High speed rail slip ring

After many tests, the slip ring with compact structure, high temperature resistance and high speed and long life was developed. We have made molds for this slip ring. While ensuring product quality and accuracy, it has also achieved cost-effectiveness and is conducive to mass production.

 Organically combines the high precision slip ring with the electromagnetic function of the high-speed motor
 The slip ring has a wide range of speed regulation, low vibration noise, easy to control, and can realize the functions of accurate stop, accurate speed, accurate position, etc
 The final product has extremely high production efficiency, and can significantly improve the surface quality and machining accuracy of the parts

For JINPAT high speed slip rings, the basic requirements of low-pressure, low-friction, low-loss brush contact design, maintenance-free product, long life and high-speed operation have been achieved.