JINPAT High Frequency Rotary Joints in Military Equipment

May 13, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT High Frequency Rotary Joints in Military Equipment

As a high-tech enterprise, JINPAT Electronics has been supporting, designing and developing precision conductive slip rings for military departments and research institutes. Such high-end slip rings are often used in complex conditions requiring high reliability, high quality, high consistency and maintenance-free.
Through years of practical application, JINPAT has been recognized by various military departments and research institutes, especially high-frequency joints and fiber-optic signals, achieving significant technological leapfrogging and steadily improving reliability, and has been well received.

The advantages are as following:
 Frequency up to 50GHz.
 Up to 4 channels, which can be coaxial type, waveguide type, coaxial/waveguide hybrid type.
 Can mix and transmit 1-200 channels of power or signals.
 Ultra low insertion loss and voltage standing wave ratio.
 High-frequency slip ring with through hole can be customized.