JINPAT Wind Turbine Slip Ring

October 29, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Wind Turbine Slip Ring

Wind power is a clean energy source that is supported by the government. With more and more breakthroughs in the core technology of wind turbine generator, the number of wind turbine generator has soared. This also bring new market for the slip ring industry in China while improving the whole wind turbine slip ring standard. As an essential component of the wind turbine, the quality of the slip ring decides the stability and efficiency of the turbine. And given the complex geographic environments of China, wind turbine slip rings must endure various harsh conditions.

As a professional slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics shoulders the social responsibility to improve the stability of the wind turbine slip ring. JINPAT has researched typical climates in various places of China, and optimized slip rings according to the specific environments. Along with this, JINPAT develops a model series especially for wind turbine. Different from large current slip rings used in thermal power generator and hydro electric generator, there is a small demand for transmission capacity in the wind turbine slip ring. But the latter’s ability to transmit multiple signals is not possessed by the former.

Take LPW0580-04S wind turbine slip ring for example, this model has five 80A channels and four signal channels which work at 400VAC with a max power of 160kW. This wind turbine slip ring is used to transmit CAN signal, encoder signal, sensor signal and safety chain signal, etc. Besides, to guarantee stability during operation, this model is integrated with a temperature controller and a heater. Its protection grade is IP65, making it the top ones in JINPAT wind turbine slip rings regarding protection level.

Another similar model is LPW-0590-16S. Its transmission power is 180kW, only 20kW larger than the former model, but it integrates up to 16 channels, 4 times the number of the former. Its protection grade is also IP65, together with a temperature controller and a heater, makes this slip ring able to function in cold and harsh environment in a long period.

JINPAT wind turbine slip rings are custom products. Not all these models are with IP65, there are many models are with IP54. LPW-05-S9X is a good representative. There are also models in smaller size and power with IP40 which are usually developed from standard capsule slip ring. This slip ring features compact in size, light in weight. It is usually applied in wind/solar hybrid generation system, one of the typical slip ring models is LPC-03P. It has 3 channels with maximum capacity of 15A each.

JINPAT can supply various slip ring models for wind turbine and has won good reputation in the field. Contact us for more information!