JINPAT Photo-electronic Integrated Slip Rings for Multi-axis Simulators

June 15, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Photo-electronic Integrated Slip Rings for Multi-axis Simulators

Applications from different industry demand relatively different slip ring models. For some applications, slip rings with electrical conductivity are sufficient. However, in many demanding industries and precision appliances, slip rings are expected to possess strong capacity in transmitting signals. Generally speaking, the slip ring integrates several power channels while integrating some channels for weak signals or some signal module. Photo-electronic integrated slip rings are developed to fulfill more demanding requirements.

A photo-electronic integrated slip ring is an electrical slip ring with an integrated optical rotary joint. The electrical unit is a module for power and weak signals transmission while the optical unit shoulders the task of transmitting high speed broad bandwidth signals. Compared to the traditional electrical slip ring, this hybrid slip ring stands out in terms of anti-interference. Besides, through wavelength division multiplexing, the single channel optical rotary joint can integrate several signal channels.

The Photo-electronic slip ring composites the advantages of both the electrical slip ring and the optical rotary joint. Thanks to this feature, it is widely used in various fields. By far, JINPAT Electronics has developed hundreds of integrated slip ring. We will look into an optoelectronic slip ring for multi-axis simulator. JINPAT LPT000-6402-E3-FO01 consists of two mules, namely the electrical module and the optical module. For the former unit, there are 64 2A power channels and 1 Gigabit Ethernet channel. As for the latter, it adopts a single mode optical rotary joint with 1 channel.

A multi-axis simulator is generally used to simulate certain operation conditions in both military and civil industries. The data generated during the rotary process are transmitted to the control end through slip ring unit. JINPAT LPT000-6402-E3-FO01 with 1 Gigabit Ethernet channel and a single mode optical rotary joint excels in signal transmission capacity. What’s more, its 64 2A power channels cater the need to supporting power supply for the object being tested. And this slip ring model is built from the through bore slip ring series, which bestow it with excellent electrical and mechanical performances. With an integrated optical rotary joint, JINPAT photo-electrical slip ring reaches a great balance in its life span and signal transmission capacity.