Challenging Aerospace Mission for Slip Rings

June 18, 2021
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Shenzhou-12 was launched at 9:22 on June 17, 2021. The capsule carrying Liu Boming, Tang Hongbo and Nie Haisheng 3 astronauts. This will be China’s longest crewed space mission by far. Around the world, only China, America and Russia has the ability to send manned spacecraft.

On the aviation craft, there are conductive rotary appliances that install slip rings to enable rotary transmission. As for the launching process, slip rings also play an important part, especially in the control and supervision system.

Space technology is an epitome of a country’s technical strength. And the various kinds of components have to meet harsh requirement to make their way to a spacecraft or the space station. Take slip rings for instance, they have to attain 100% reliability during expected life span. And to travel from the earth to the space, the slip ring is expected to endure low and high temperature.

JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings

To ensure 100% reliability is a great challenge for slip ring manufacture. JINPAT Electronics is a leading company in the slip ring industry. But, JINPAT has not entered into the space craft area yet. The testing and simulation demands great investment in human labor and also fund. This is very challenging for civil manufacturer.

By now, JINPAT Electronics has provided slip rings, rotary unions and other rotary transmission solutions for many industry and has received satisfactory feedback from our customers. We have faith that one day we can come up with slip rings that fulfill requirements posted by space mission.