JINPAT Slip Rings for Medical Equipment

June 24, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Rings for Medical Equipment

With the spread of the corona virus, medical treatment becomes a focus of the public. Thanks to the devotion of scientists and medical staff, medical treatment has made great progress. And relatively, medical equipment and facilities are becoming more advanced and high technological. In many of the medical equipment and facilities, there is a need to transmit power and/or signals between the rotating part and stationary part. Therefore, a slip ring is necessary.

JINPAT Electronics is an expert in developing and producing slip rings. Since establishment, JINPAT has provided the customers with reliable slip ring products and efficient rotary transmission solutions. As for medical equipment that demand unrestricted, constant and reliable rotary transmission, JINPAT also has great slip ring models. Today we will briefly explore some slip rings that serve in the system on medical facilities and equipment.

Among JINPAT’s slip ring collections, through bore slip ring, coded LPT are frequently ordered by the medical equipment manufacturers. JINPAT LPT slip ring is a great choice for CT scanner. Its inner diameter is optional from 0.5 to 3 meters. The through hole slip ring can work at 2000VAC high voltage and transmit 500A current in a reliable and stable high speed rotation. It also features low friction, low noise and smooth operation. The long service life makes it perfectly fit as a medical component.


JINPAT Medical Slip Ring

Besides, super miniature slip rings and fiber optic rotary joints produced by JINPAT are also very popular in the medical market. JINPAT LPMS, super miniature slip ring features super small figure and light-weight. Diameter is optional from 5.5mm~11.1mm. Thanks to its super mini size, it can easily fit in handy operational tools like biopsy forceps and medical endoscope. To enable a high-definition video signal transmission, a hybrid solution with fiber optic rotary joint is even more powerful.

JINPAT has many other solutions for the medical facilities. You can talk to our tech team for more information. If the off-the-self slip rings can fit your needs, JINPAT can offer you a personal slip ring solution. Contact us now!