The Application of JINPAT High Frequency Slip Ring on Broadcasting Vehicles

July 2, 2021
Latest company news about The Application of JINPAT High Frequency Slip Ring on Broadcasting Vehicles

A high frequency electrical slip ring refers to the combination of a standard electrical slip ring and a high frequency rotary joint. Generally speaking, these high frequency hybrid slip ring are mostly seen in the military field like radars, satellite communication in motion, electronic combat system and so on. JINPAT Electronics has developed hundreds of electrical slip rings, having application field covered. With an integrated high frequency rotary joint, this kind of hybrid electrical slip rings also find wide application in the civil radio frequency facilities like communication base station for cars, broadcasting vehicles.


Today, we will look into a radio frequency electrical slip ring that is specially developed for mobile broadcasting. The hybrid slip ring model is LPT000-0220-0210-02S-HF02. In the electrical unit, there are 2 20A and 10A power channels respectively and 2 channels for signals. The working voltage is relatively low, with 48V for power channel and 24V for signal channel. With such voltage, there is no need to make aggressive upgrades of the automobile power supply unit.


The diameter of this hybrid slip ring is 94mm while the length is 114mm. The high frequency rotary joint is a model with 2 channels that allows signals in 5GHz. 5GHz signals are generally adopted to carry out radio broadcasting. Besides, as a hybrid slip ring with integrated radio frequency rotary joint, it can also be applied in the radar system and satellite communication in motion at the same frequency.


Let’s learn more about the radio frequency unit of this hybrid solution. As a key component of the radar and other similar applications, the performances of a high frequency rotary union are rather important. LPHF-02E is a rotary joint specially developed for LPT000-0220-0210-02S-HF02. Peak power is 1500W per channel with an average power of 50W@5GHz. Insertion fluctuation is 0.05Dbh/0.15Db. For more information, you can send us an inquiry.


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