JINPAT Standard Slip Rings for Instrument and Apparatus

July 7, 2021
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Though the standard slip ring models only take up a small part of the whole JINPAT slip ring collection, they find wide applications in various fields. For example, JINPAT capsule slip ring, separate slip ring and through bore slip ring with smaller diameter can be directly installed in the mechatronic systems. These slip rings are installed in medical instrument and facilities. Besides, they can also be applied in other instrument and apparatus. Today, we will look at the standard slip ring with small figure but large production volume.

For starter, JINPAT LPMS super miniature slip ring is the smallest model among the capsule slip ring series. JINPAT LPMS slip ring allows up to 12 channel with a capacity of 1A. JINPAT super miniature slip ring supports simultaneous transmission of various signals. With a low starting torque and low friction, this slip ring series can attain a long product life. It is super small in size with excellent electronic performances. LPMS-12A takes up a plastic housing and the diameter of it is 11.1mm. It a super miniature slip ring with the largest diameter. The diameter is kept with 10mm of the other slip ring models. The diameter of LPMS-12U is merely 6.5mm, remaining the smallest among the series. Thanks to these features, many of JINPAT super miniature slip rings are applied on the flaw detectors.

JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Ring LPMS-12U for Flaw Detector

JINPAT LPM miniature slip ring is relatively bigger than the LPMS series. With a diameter range from 12.5~20mm, the miniature slip ring can accommodate 4 to 30 channels. Miniature slip rings with larger diameter are available under request. Total station is a typical application that needs miniature slip rings. LPM-18C is a very popular slip ring model for total station.

Capsule slip ring is comparatively bigger than the former mentioned types. Standard capsule is optional from 3 channels to 125 channels with capacity of 2A. Only a few capsule slip rings are rated 10A, 15A and 30A. Minimum diameter is 22mm while maximum diameter is 54mm. A representative capsule slip ring model from JINPAT is the LPC-06B. It is often used in microwave chemical synthesizer.