Marine Cranes Slip Ring

June 10, 2020
Latest company news about Marine Cranes Slip Ring

Marine cranes are ships' own equipment and machinery for loading and unloading cargo, mainly including boom devices, deck cranes and other loading and unloading machinery. It is mainly used for important tasks such as the transfer of cargo between ships, marine replenishment, and the placement and recovery of underwater operation equipment.

Features of Marine Slip Ring Crane Slip Ring:

1. Installed inside the crane, transmitting power, ship control signals, analog signals and digital signals, etc.
2. Its safety, reliability and maintainability.
3. The slip ring has good adaptability to the environment and work normally under humid ocean air, smoke, oil mist, hull vibration and impact.
4. Installed in the cabin, the protection is generally IP65, stainless steel shell.
5. It can be customized according to customer needs.