Spot Welding Machine Robot Slip Ring Application

June 4, 2020
Latest company news about Spot Welding Machine Robot Slip Ring Application

The professional LPS-0705 plug-in slip ring produced by JINPAT is a special slip ring for industrial robots, which is used for the complex structure, installation and maintenance of robot rotary joints. It has strong anti-vibration ability, large current carrying capacity and high rotation accuracy. The structure uses a plug-in solution, which is particularly suitable for multiple applications with different functions. At the same time, it can meet the role of rotation and extraction. It greatly solves the functional problems of multi-angle, multi-direction and multi-axis linkage in the robot market.


 Plug-in structure (separator and stator separation) is used for different functional applications.
 The contact adopts shrapnel structure, the contact is stable and reliable.
 Strong anti-vibration ability, impact strength ≤40g.
 Large Current carrying, 7 channels 5A, customized ≥50A.