Oil Tank Truck Slip Rin

July 26, 2018
Latest company news about Oil Tank Truck Slip Rin

       Oil tank truck, also known as petroleum tank truck, is a vehicle designed for the bulk transport or storage of oil or its products. According to varied purposes and application conditions, it has multiple functions covering oil absorption, pump oil, classification, and placement. To get it done, the slip rings play a vital role in the oil tank truck operation.

       JINPAT slip ring for oil tank truck has been used smoothly in specific application. Transmitting 3A current in 8 circuits, it keeps a reliable transmission to support a heating process. Working in a voltage of 500VAC, it also maintains a rotating speed up to 300rpm. Precious metal contact material promotes its conductivity, heightening the heating speed of the truck. IP65 high protection level protects itself from corrosion, water and oil invasion. Thus, working at a temperature of -40℃~+50℃, the oil tank truck slip ring guarantees a tender oil heating process to output oil of high quality.


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Main Features


◆ Circuits: 8ckt*3A

◆ Voltage: 500VAC

◆ Dielectric Strength: ≥1000V@50Hz

◆ Insulation: 500MΩ@500VDC

◆ Electrical Noise: ≤5mΩ

◆ Working Speed: 0~300 rpm

◆ Contact: Precious Metal

◆ Housing: Stainless Steel

◆ Working Temperature: -40~+50℃

◆ Humidity: ≤80%RH

◆ IP65 (Stator upwards)