Professional LED Billboard Slip Rings -- JINPAT LPKS Series

August 18, 2020
Latest company news about Professional LED Billboard Slip Rings -- JINPAT LPKS Series

In metropolises, rotating LED billboards can be seen everywhere. Of course, JINPAT slip ring is indispensable to transmit signals and solve winding problems.

JINPAT slip rings have been widely used in LED billboards, and its excellent connection, transmission current and signal quality have been favored by many LED manufacturers.

JINPAT technical advantages for LED billboards slip rings:

Adopting leading military-grade high-standard surface treatment technology.
Special separate pancake structure, compact in appearance and structure, to solve the problem of limited installation.
Low contact resistance, low torque, long life, stable transmission signal.
Signals such as Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus and FireWire can be integrated.

JINPAT Electronics has a wealth of examples of 360°rotation solutions. If you need conductive slip rings, welcome contact JINPAT!