Ship electric propeller slip ring

October 18, 2023
Latest company news about Ship electric propeller slip ring

As we all know, the slip ring used in the operation at sea must have the characteristics of strong stability and corrosion resistance. The application of slip rings in Marine electric thrusters requires this kind of performance. The slip ring in the ship's electric propeller is mainly used to transmit power and signals to support the operation and monitoring of the electric propulsion system. JINPAT also has Marine electric thruster slip ring products, the following are some of the main applications of JINPAT slip ring in Marine electric thruster:


1. Power transmission: Ship electric thrusters are usually driven by electric motors, while slip rings allow electricity to be transmitted from the stable part of the hull to the rotating thruster part to push the propeller or other propulsion devices.


2. Signal transmission: Through the slip ring, the control signal can be transmitted from the ship's control room to the motor and propeller system, so as to achieve speed and direction adjustment. This helps the crew to operate the ship efficiently.


3. Data transmission: slip rings are also used to transmit data from various sensors, such as speed, temperature, humidity and propeller performance data. This data is essential for monitoring and optimizing ship performance.


4. Ship positioning System: Some modern ships use the Global Positioning System (GPS) for navigation and position monitoring. The slip ring transmits signals from the GPS receiver to ensure that the ship remains on its intended course.


5. Electric rudder and adjustable OARS: Some ships are equipped with a rotating electric rudder or adjustable OARS to improve handling. Slip rings are used on these components to transmit power and control signals for precise ship maneuvering.


6. Integrated Monitoring System: The slip rings are also used to connect the integrated monitoring system, allowing the crew to remotely monitor and control the performance of the propulsion system to ensure safe and efficient operation.


In short, the slip ring is a key technology in the Marine electric thruster, and the LPA000-06200 series slip ring developed by JINPAT can perfectly support power transmission, signal transmission and data communication to ensure the effective operation, monitoring and control of the electric propulsion system, so as to improve the performance, safety and operability of the ship.