Slip Ring for Aquaculture Industry

August 16, 2018
Latest company news about Slip Ring for Aquaculture Industry

      To meet the requirements of specific customers, JINPAT engineers have developed successfully a unique slip ring for aquaculture industry.

       It is a capsule part with a flange that transmits current and Gigabit Ethernet signal. Adopting precious metal contact and engineering plastic housing, JINPAT technology allows it to serve the equipment for aquaculture industry with a rotating speed of 0~100 rpm. Also, working in an environment near water, it also adapts to a working humidity of no more than 60%RH. Due to the high cost and significance of the aquaculture, it requires the high-performance equipment for its service. JINPAT slip ring, as often does, has gone through a series of tests, proven to present an acclaimed performance beyond expectation. In a range of -20~+60℃ working temperature, the aquaculture slip ring operates well according to its feedbacks.



◆ Circuits: 2ckt*2A/2ckt*10A, 1ckt* Gigabit Ethernet

◆ Voltage: 240V/12V AC/DC

◆ Dielectric Strength: between circuits ≥500VAC@50Hz(current)


◆ Insulation: ≥100MΩ@500VDC (current)

                      ≥50MΩ@100VDC (signal)

◆ Contact: Precious metal

◆ Housing: Engineering plastic

◆ Working Speed: 0~100rpm

◆ Working Temperature: -20~+60℃