Slip Ring for X-Ray Baggage Scanner

December 5, 2018
Latest company news about Slip Ring for X-Ray Baggage Scanner

       The X-Ray Scanners is designed for screening aircraft hold baggage, large parcels and packages and medium size cargo. The machine is equipped with the advanced X‐Ray image detection system and combines the advantages of the active semiconductor detector, digital image processing technology, and computer image display to provide users with an efficient and reliable high‐quality image processing system with the service function. Obviously, the slip ring, an electrical connector supporting 360° rotating transmission, is used here to provide power and signal transmission from the stationary to rotating parts in the equipment.


        The X-Ray Baggage Scanner slip ring designed by JINPAT transmits 2A current in 8ckt and HD-SDI signal. In this way, it helps the equipment store any number of high­-definition images and has an automatic alarm function for the dangerous goods and drugs. Gold-gold contact brings a good conductivity for the electrical slip ring. Compact design with high-precision manufacture makes the part has a smooth operation. 300rpm rotating speed fits the operating speed of the equipment.



  • Transmit 2A current in 8ckt and HD video signal
  • Gold-gold contact ensures a good conductivity
  • Dependable working speed: 300 rpm
  • Reliable performance
  • Ease of installation