Slip Ring Used in CT Application

October 31, 2019
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Slip ring technology is a major innovation in CT technology in the late 1980s. Slip ring technology has been used to handle the feeding and signal transmission of rotating and stationary parts.


CT belongs to a topographic image. The power supply, grounding and information transmission of the rotating part in the tube lamp are realized by cable connection. The scan experience starts - rotates - accelerates - rotates at a constant speed - decelerates - stops several processes, and after one revolution, the scan is completed. At this time, the process is repeated in the opposite direction to complete the next layer of scanning. This alternate operation in the forward and reverse directions until the end of the scan. The coiled cable will also wrap back and forth with it. For this type of rotation, there is a certain impact on the improvement of the scanning speed, and it takes about ten seconds to scan a layer of image.